My first post as a new blogger and I feel compelled to share the vision of horror I witnessed this morning, walking in the rain from the train station to work.  It was a small, silver car, don’t ask me what type (I’m a woman, we have a tendency to describe cars by colour and size.  That’s pretty much it. Unless it’s a Rolls Royce, a Mini or a VW Polo) and over its headlights it was ‘wearing’ eyelashes – like false eyelashes – stuck on and catching droplets of rain without so much as a mascara smudge.  I squinted, perplexed, into the vehicle at the driver – expecting possibly the car equivalent.  Maybe a peroxide blonde with great, bat-wing like lashes flapping over headlamp eyes.  But no, it was a bloke. And I mean a blokey bloke.  Now here in front of me was a whole world of wrong. If any of you out there think that putting eyelashes on your car headlights is quirky, or cute, or indeed hilarious, think again.  It’s shite.  Unless your car is ‘wife of Herbie’ – and a certain generation will know what I’m talking about.  I mean the actual wife of Herbie…


Oh my Christ!  Apparently you can also get moustaches for your car. The ‘carstache’.  WHY??  What kind of Freddie Mercury loving, Burt Reynolds worshipping, Magnum P.I fan car owner would see fit to attach this to the radiator of his Audi??  This is one of those points in life when you HAVE to be brave…



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